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Terms and Conditions:

  • TutorPUG bills once, in one lump sum, at the start of the semester (or when the student signs up) like tuition.
  • Students enrolled in MATH 1643 or MATH 1743 at OU are eligible for small group tutoring only.
  • Due to personal family health issues, space this semester is extremely limited. Scheduling is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Small group exam reviews will be held Sunday afternoons/evenings.
  • Katie Kimberling is a Certified Academic Life Coach, and incorporates academic coaching techniques into her sessions.
  • When this intake form is completed, it serves as your indication to begin tutoring services with Katie Kimberling (provided there is availability). Please email a picture of your course schedule to to expedite the process.
  • Invoices for the semester tuition are sent VIA EMAIL to the email addresses listed on this intake form. Please check your email for this invoice.

Pricing schedules:

  • Private sessions (one-on-one with Katie Kimberling - not available for MATH 1643, MATH 1743 or ECON 2843 at OU): $3,000 for semester.
  • 2-person semi-private (students must be in same class, requires approval - not available for MATH 1643, MATH 1743 or ECON 2843 at OU, includes one hour per week): $1,200 per each student for semester.
  • 2-person semi-private for ECON 2843 at OU (includes one hour per week plus extra midterm and final review sessions with review packets and keys): $2,000 per each student for semester.
  • Small groups of 3 or more (for students enrolled in MATH 1643, MATH 1743 and ECON 2843 at OU, fee not charged until small group is formed). Includes weekly sessions, all handouts, extra review sessions before semester exams and final, and review packets with keys: $1,800 per student per semester
  • Review sessions package only For students enrolled in MATH 1643, MATH 1743, or ECON 2843 at OU who only want to attend the group midterm and final exam review sessions - review sessions are 2 hours long, held on Sunday afternoons/evenings, and include review packet with key: $800 per student per semester.


  • When students book sessions, they receive automated text and email reminders 25 and 12 hours prior to their scheduled sessions. .
  • If a student needs to reschedule a session, please make every effort to notify Katie Kimberling and reschedule as soon as possible. Space is extremely limited but every reasonable effort possible will be made to accommodate a rescheduling request.