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Male high school student looking at text book

Should I take a class pass/fail?

Just what it sounds like – instead of receiving an A, B, C, D, or F, with points associated with each letter grade to calculate a numerical GPA – a student receives either a P for pass or an F for fail in a class.

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Female high school student holding books and smiling

Finish stronger than you started

Several institutions have elected to dismiss all in-person instruction after Thanksgiving break, and conversations I’ve had since OU’s announcement show some students are freaking out.

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Female middle school student wearing glasses smiling

What’s your academic policy?

Formally, and according to an amalgamation of definitions from various online dictionaries and Wikipedia, a policy is a deliberate system of principles adopted or proposed by a government, business or individual to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.

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Female high school student wearing headphones and holding books

Be more than a baby bird

I believe one of the main roles of a teacher is to try as hard as possible to find each student’s “Learning Language.” How does each student need to receive a piece of information so that it clicks, or sticks, or makes sense?

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Female high school student worried

Coping with covid anxiety

Back in early summer I was bopping through the house of a Sunday evening and passed the TV, which my husband had tuned to 60 Minutes. Heads of colleges were discussing options for the fall semester in response to COVID-19.

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Man standing on top of a rock

Constantly challenge yourself

I can’t sing. I can’t really play an instrument. But I’ve always wanted to perform – somehow – in my own little world. So for Christmas I asked for a ukulele…and I got one.

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